Feeling overly reliant on your devs? We've got you covered

We ensure app continuity by giving non-developer founders complete control over their codebase, processes, and infrastructure in a way that is easy to understand.
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Your project documentation is always kept up-to-date and actionable thanks to our automated agent.
Give new developers everything they need to setup their environments and deploy code in minutes, not days.
We guarantee your business continuity to give you peace of mind and control.

How it works


Risk Assessment

We'll help you assess general risks and possible mitigation strategies.

Project Audit

Our audit of your project structure and documentation results in clearly prioritized continuity goals.

Analysis & Documentation

We craft a recovery plan based on detailed analysis of your project and input from your key stakeholders.


We verify that you have control over your project in the event that something happens to your developer.

Peace of mind

So you can rest easy and focus on your customers.
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